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For an affordable and effective way to repair your credit, download my book "12 Easy Steps To Credit Excellence!"  This book will give you the tools to beat the creditors, collection agencies and credit bureaus at their own game!
Dispute letters included to remove and repair outdated, unverifiable and inaccurate information from your credit profile.
If you are someone who has filed for bankruptcy or are considering that option,  then this book is a must read!  "Bankruptcy Breakthrough" is a simple 10-step approach to picture perfect credit AFTER bankruptcy.  You will have access to key information that will allow you to rebuild and restore your credit.  You don't have to commit yourself to financial prison for 7-10 years.  You can begin rebuilding  your credit-worthiness and empowering your personal economics YEARS ahead of time.
Many of my clients have asked me for a tool that would help them manage, save & eliminate debt.  That is how the Financial Empowerment Planner was created.  Because most of us grew up in households where we did not receive proper financial education, we are failing when it comes to our finances.   I put this together for consumers to use as a guide for those seeking to achieve a strong economic future for themselves and their households.  This  planner is being offered digitally so you can use it every year to stay on track with your money goals, debts, expenses & more.  This truly is a small investment that keeps on giving!  Be sure to teach the younger generation to give them the  head start you wish you had in life!
If you want to access a system that allows you to TOTALLY eliminate all debt (including) your mortgage in as little as 5-7 years, then you are going to want to learn more about this program!  When it comes to making smart money decisions, this is the best one you can make for yourself to start building the generational wealth you desire.


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